Saturday, December 19, 2015

You Can Learn Anything

I just finished a post written exclusively for my coaches and parents.  In that post, called "Why Some Kids Try Harder", I quote (to members-only) some research that includes not only the whys of that question, but also some suggestions to help their kids develop the right kind of mindset.

As it so happens, the research I quoted the most from included an awesome video I thought I'd share with my friends here.  So, have a look and listen, and I'll meet you on the other side...

I guess to some, that video represents a minute and a half of ho-hum.  However, to anyone who knows even a little about teaching principles -- and especially about modern day teaching principles, that's 90-seconds of extremely powerful information.  For, it truly does matter if we all understand that video's theme:  you can learn anything.

Actually, this subject is very much connected to a number of messages I've conveyed to both my Hockey Diary followers and my members. 

When it comes to the former, I've included an article here titled "Nature versus Nurture", which explains that video info in even more depth.

As for the latter, I've related to my members-only how the idea behind genetics has been updated considerably, in a new science called epigenetics.

With all that, let me comment specifically on the above video, and make some suggestions my followers might actually use...
First, it's important to let your youngster know that his or her success isn't totally God-given, but more a matter of effort.  (That's also the gist of that nature vs nurture thing.)
Keep that kind of dialogue going with your youngster -- that you can learn anything, and keep it going from as early as he or she can understand to as long as possible.
To be honest, I think a lot of great qualities come from the kind of mentality this approach develops, including a bit of mental toughness for when some bumps appear in the road.

Finally, please think about the title of that article I just posted over on my other site:  "Why Some Kids Try Harder", because it also deals with "why some kids don't".  That, I believe, is the ultimate difference between a happy or not-so-happy youngster.  And I think it also makes a huge difference in how a youngster is perceived by others -- like teachers, coaches and friends.