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The good and the bad of what I do has me liking and kinda not liking the training advice provided by others.  Truth be told, there are a lot of young guys who finish playing, and decide to immediately hang out their shingles as hockey gurus.  Ugh...  As a long time NHL player who switched to coaching described that scenario, "It's a whole different story being on the other side of the clipboard."  In other words, after a lifetime of being told what to do, it takes a long time to switch hats and be capable of telling others what to do.  Worst of all, usually, is that those former players have no scientific background, which means their advice can often range from ineffective to downright dangerous.

With that, I'm going to keep a list going here to include guys you can trust -- for hockey, as well as for related advice:

Mike Mahony's Fitness Expose - More than a fitness site, Mike has tons of informative articles on diet, strength training and more.

Jeremy Weiss' WeissTech Hockey - Jeremy is a long time friend, and a young man I often refer to as "a young Coach Chic", having the same passion, and the kind of background I worked hard to attain.

Conor Doherty -- at Elite Hockey Power -- is a sharp young guy who especially excels in strength and speed development for hockey players.


I don't want to push my site on anyone.  However, I do want to let any hockey folks know about the Free stuff available there -- listed under Free to Non-members.  Just click on that link and scroll tons of worthwhile articles, audio programs and videos -- totally free for anyone to browse.