Friday, November 28, 2014

A Little of This and That

Frankly, I'm dealing with the aftermath of Thanksgiving today.  Ugh...
Everything was so awesome at my sister's house yesterday -- from the chance to visit with family and friends I hadn't seen in ages, and also the chance to kinda pig-out on some of the best dishes I've tasted in awhile.  Of course, the latter is the reason I'm likely paying a price today, and it's also why I'm a little slow with the typing.  (Did I say "Ugh" yet?)

Anyway, trying to go a little easy on this old coach's brain for awhile, I thought I'd just briefly touch upon a few things readers might not know.
A lot of years ago I had a pretty popular online "radio show" going on from my studio back in Whitman, MA.  (That studio, by the way, is one anyone would likely die for.  I'm talking about 6 PCs -- for audio, video, special effects and lots more.  The programs running on those machines were also professional level, so I could do Hollywood-type stuff.)  Since moving to Florida, though, all of that equipment has been in storage.

Am I itching to get that and my hockey library set up once again?  Of course.  However, that's going to have to wait until Brenda and I get the extra space to dedicate a good sized room just for my work., a little hardship has never stopped me.  Naw...  I've managed to construct a mini-studio between two laptops I've kept with me, and I've also managed to build a new website to be home to the Hockey Secrets Podcasts.

I'm sure hockey folks will gain a lot from listening in, while other friends might get a kick out of hearing me speak in "Boston-ese".  :)
If you're a high level hockey skills instructor -- or involved in a slightly related area of expertise, I think you're going to want to get involved with something I have on the drawingboard right now.  Like any other idea like I'm planning, however, I can't say much more until it's launched.  If you want to drop me a note expressing interest in becoming involved, please use the short form on Contact Dennis up above.  I promise you're going to love it.  (And, hey, this is going to be one of those "be there or be square" things!)
* since I began coaching, I've been an incessant reader of all things motivational.  I mean, I've read the life stories and strategies of top coaches -- in all sports, as well as devouring everything having to do with top military, business and political leaders.

With that, a few weeks ago I developed a Facebook page solely for Great Motivational Quotes, and it's now nearing close to 100 inspirational sayings already.

And, while coaches and businesspeople usually like to borrow such quotes, I suspect others might find a favorite there to use as their own, personal motto.  (I know I have a couple, and they're included on that page.)  A number of friends have also left their favorite quotes for us to appreciate.
Okay, don't laugh...  I have been told for ages that I should get on Pinterest.  I sat on that -- or ho-hummed it -- for a year or so, but finally decided recently to give it a go.  Hmmmmmmm...
Actually, I kinda like it, although I've taken a slightly different approach than most...  What I've done is arrange my area something like a scrapbook.  Ya, I have an area about my earliest years, another for the slightly later years, another for what I'm doing today, and even one for my dreams for the future.

I've gotten the hang of posting -- pics to videos, but I'm still trying to get the hang of following folks and borrowing pins.  If you stop by and connect with me, though, I'm sure I'll be able to reciprocate.
I'm rather surprised that the two most popular posts here have both been hockey oriented, as in:  "A Father's Letter To His Son At The End Of His Junior Hockey Career" and "Are People Really THIS Dumb?"
Of course, it goes without saying that most of my time is dedicated to developing the website -- that aimed at helping hockey players, coaches and parents beyond what I can do elsewhere.  As a matter of fact, I'm off to post my suggested "weekend reading" there, as well as updating an area I call "My Best Posts".
All that said, I have an awesome post that's nearly ready for release this coming Sunday or Monday.  But, I'm staying away from that -- and sharp objects -- at least for the rest of this day.