Sunday, October 26, 2014

7-Tips For Getting Awesome, Massive Results!

Stu Stirling
As long time friends or followers probably know, my interests aren't solely confined to ice hockey, nor to sports.  No, although my Major Degree was in Physical Education & Coaching, I actually minored in Instructional Media.  Why?  Because I was into the use of video for analyzing and teaching my hockey students and players (going back to 1979), and I wanted to take the several Radio & TV Production courses offered under that banner.

As you've probably also deduced, I never had much formal training in writing (ugh), but...  I am very much into a couple of other subjects related to what I do more of nowadays, including Internet marketing and motivational stuff.

And that brings me to the video I'd like to share with you today.  It's done by Stuart Stirling (aka Stu), a young Aussie who currently lives in Japan.  Not everyone makes a good match for this old coach, but young Stu has the easy going personality I tend to like.  Still, since personality isn't everything, I also like that he knows his stuff -- about Internet marketing, blogging, and motivation.

And, motivation is what he's talking about in this video.  So, have a listen (but don't try this at home -- the driving and broadcasting at the same time, I mean)...

I'd go along with Stuart's advice:  to copy the greats from history, like Tesla and some of our favorite pro athletes.  When I was starting in coaching, I studied the likes of great military generals, great political leaders, great personalities, and of course, great coaches.  

Stu's examples might be a bit extreme for you and me, though.  Oh, I do love what I do, and I do spend more hours in a day (and night) at it than anyone would in a traditional job.  However, I'm long over the 4-hours of sleep per night thing, and I'm not suggesting young athletes necessarily give up their whole lives working towards their dreams.  Ya, they need to be slightly possessed -- because it's the only way to attain anything worthwhile, but...  

Then, to review the high points of what Stu had to say...
  • Pick a project.  Yup.  And, while that doesn't seem like a biggie, a lot of us fail to clearly define what it is we want to accomplish, or arrive at as an ultimate destination.
  • Once our goal is established, the next thing we have to do is apply the ways of the great ones, with massive effort -- pushing ourselves, and pushing our boundaries.
  • Thirdly, focus on the positive end results.  Actually, if I was talking to my hockey players right now, I'd tell them to visualize the end results, or to see themselves in the way they want things to look in the end.  Mental imagery works.  Trust me. 
  • I go along -- big-time -- with Stu's fourth point, in that we should set aside chunks of time to stay on the project.  I've done it both ways in the past -- worst of all going back and forth between an important project and a bunch of rinky-dink things, and finding that approach just doesn't work well.  As a matter of fact, there are a great many studies coming out lately, those suggesting that multi-tasking is not an effective method for really getting things done.
  • As I just suggested, we have to forget the typical distractions (and excuses for not working) -- like email, Twitter, Facebook and all the other energy robbers.
  • Number six -- and as Nike might tell you:  "Just do it!"  I mean, even when we don't want to -- we have to push ourselves through the mental blocks.  And, while Stu didn't say this, I'm going to suggest that, our practice at beating those distractions can become habit down the road.
Of course, none of this stuff is necessarily easy, but -- as Stu also offers, if one undertakes a project with anything like this kind of intensity, he or she can get "awesome, massive results."
PS:  You may have noticed there aren't "7-ways" listed above, but only six.  Ha!  Ha!  Brenda and my mom giggle from their bellies every time I tell them, "I lie a lot!"  And, I'm hoping you will, too.