Friday, January 15, 2016

Listen to Hockey Talk Radio

As a convenience to my many Hockey Diary visitors, I've placed a player here so that you might listen to Hockey Talk Radio.  All you need to do is click on the arrow on the player down below to hear that station in progress -- with lots of advice packed shows and fan-based NHL podcasts.

-- Dennis Chighisola

Listen to Hockey Talk Radio

Listen to Hockey Talk RadioAgain, this page has been created to give members and passersby a chance to listen to Hockey Talk Radio. For sure, you can always come here if it suits your needs -- you get to hear the station exactly like it airs from our dedicate site. However, I highly recommend two other methods.
- Many of our fans listen to Hockey Talk Radio from a special site at There can be found profiles for all our hockey podcasters, a special area for Hockey Talk Radio NEWS, a highlighted "Show of the Week" -- which includes a sample show, and much, much more.
Listen to Hockey Talk Radio- Still, I'm sure a great many listeners access Hockey Talk Radio on-the-go, or with their smartphones.  I do that often, myself, as I walk my little cockerpoo several times per day and night.  Using the Radionomy app is really easy, and -- using the instructions on a special page about that, it's also easy to download and install on any kind of phone.
Again, the Hockey Talk Radio website contains a ton of information and help, and it also provides ways listeners can become actively involved with the station. You can ask questions or add comments at the bottom of each show host's page, you can suggest to me ways I might improve the station, and there's even quite a bit of information about creating your own podcast and joining our all-star podcast lineup.
So, please listen to Hockey Talk Radio any way you'd like -- either from the main website, from your phone, or by pressing the arrow down below.  And, enjoy...

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